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Pre/Post Construction Clean-Up & Debris Removal

Construction cleanup is just one of the services Lasting Image Janitorial can do for you.Whether you are remodeling or building your new commercial, office space or residence in Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex, you need the space to be clean for ongoing construction, inspections, final presentation, lease, or sale. Clean construction areas are safer for workers, and make construction projects more efficient. Surfaces need to be clean in order to install cubicles, doors, windows, flooring, paint, or wall coverings.

Inspections require clean well organized walls, crawlspaces, ceilings, and floors in order to be successful. Don't let yourself be held back by debris, dust, and dirt. Lasting Image will be your partner for pre-construction and post-construction clean-up.

Your office, loft, or building's successful presentation and cleanliness is crucial for success, and our cleaning services will will leave the space clean for all construction, inspection, and sales activies, and will instill a sense of pride among its new occupants.

Contractors throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex area rely on Lasting Image to clean up before or after their construction projects.

Our construction cleaning services and construction debris removal include the following:

  • Removing tape, tarps, and plastic coverings.
  • Window and glass cleaning including scraping of overspray.
  • Dust and debris removal from exposed walls, ceiling, ducts, pipes, light fixtures, etc.
  • Sweep for framing inspection after electricians and plumber.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming of all floors and window sills.
  • Removal of extra drywall, wood, metal, debris, and other junk.
  • Removing cutouts, boxes, screws, nails, paper and pallets from construction area.
  • Scrub and clean tiles, sinks, polish stainless steel, wipe walls.
  • Sweep entire interior and exterior of unit.
  • Wash interior window glass.
  • Wash exterior window glass and exterior window sash.
  • Pick up and throw out packing cases and sweep after plumbers and electricians finish.
  • Scrape and sweep for carpet pad.
  • Wash plumbing fixtures.
  • Detail cleaning and dusting is another dependable service Lasting Image Janitorial performs.Remove labels and protective plastic from windows, sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, mirrors.
  • Dust baseboards, sills, cabinets.
  • Sweep and polish window and door tracks, fireplace and exterior of appliances.
  • Clean counter tops.
  • Sweep and mop finished floors.
  • Stripping and waxing of floors.
  • Ongoing regularly scheduled cleanup after construction crews so they can focus on the work.


We remove junk and heavy debris such as wood, metal, drywall, old windows, old doors, trash, and demolition waste. We remove old fixtures, sinks, toilets, flooring, ceiling, chandeliers, electrical, pipes, radiators, carpeting, and other construction site waste and construction by-products. We bring a dump truck and necessary tools to safely remove all of the debris and recycle or dump the construction waste.

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